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  • Bluesyfawx ( 60 / M / Port Colborne, ON )

    Lets figure it out

  • jlb3hd ( 63 / M / Montrose, MI )

    bonfire bar fine dining bike riding, yours or i have an empty seat. lets just have fun. you pick

  • ladyblueyes1001 ( 62 / W / Gettysburg, PA )

    Going out to a nice dinner on the beach somewhere and than out to a nice club to go out dancing. ..and finish the nite out with a nice goodnite kiss. ...and make plans for another date. ...would luv to beable to take a r...  read more >>

  • mountaingirl57 ( 60 / W / Ward, CO )

    I would like some dinner and gambling in Central City. Dinner and some nice conversation would be nice, too.

  • janna55 ( 62 / W / Severn, MD )

    A nice get to know each other date would be so much more fun if we went to a fun old rock concert and grabbed some tacos afterward. Y cerveza, ja! Or karaoke. Or dinner and drinks. I want to be able to talk to you. Hiw e...  read more >>

  • HD2015UC ( 60 / M / Baton Rouge, LA )

    Anything. Have fun wherever I go or whatever I do. If I have to name something then a ride to the beach for lunch and a beer.

  • willyouridewithm ( 65 / M / Tustin, CA )

    Rise early go to breakfast at that hole in the wall joint discuss where to ride to from crestline to Julian or anywhere inbetween ride & ride stop for break at overlook on the PCH sneak a kiss ride ride somemore end up a...  read more >>

  • Dalgal ( 60 / W / Pittsburgh, PA )

    A quiet dinner and a walk on the beach. An afternoon ride to just about anywhere with a stop for lunch and of course ice cream!

  • Myajohansen ( 66 / W / Bardstown, KY )

    Riding up, then back down the 101 on the West Coast, from Los Angeles, to San Francisco - Ocean all the way.....

  • blueoneone ( 63 / M / Plymouth )

    have a bite to eat and a nice walk after to get to know each other

  • CrimsonCaberg ( 60 / M / Holsworthy, England - Devon )

    I can be found if you fish for me, you have "Plenty of" time..

  • MrFixItNJ ( 67 / M / Columbia, NJ )

    Get together for a cup of coffee and see how it goes from there. No pressure - a few laughs and maybe what we are looking for.

  • 2wheelinmama ( 61 / W / Winnipeg, MB )

    I'm up for almost anything... except golf! Lol

  • SoapyStella ( 62 / W / Saint Louis, MO )

    Some place interesting but quiet enough to talk; brief enough we don’t feel like we’re trapped if one of us doesn’t feel a connection. Ya know, where we can go to the restroom and sneak out the side door. 😂😂 Just....kidding!

  • FDCAPTRET ( 60 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    I’m thinking there aren’t ever any first dates on here amongst the non-living!

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